Dental Sedation

If the battle of bedtime is being waged in your home, don’t worry—at Kids Dental, we have safe and effective dental sedation that will help alleviate the stress your child may be facing with a dental procedure. Proper dental sedation can be a great complement to a compassionate pediatric dentist and oral health team. As a reputable Centralia, WA pediatric dental office, we know that sedation is sometimes necessary depending on the procedure and your child’s unique personality (not to mention worries). Sedation can be a helpful tool to help your child relax during a procedure, to prevent pain, if your child has a particular fear of a procedure or if your child has extenuating circumstances such as physical or developmental challenges that may require sedation.

However, sedation isn’t for everyone or for every procedure. Your Kids Dental dentist will discuss your child’s procedure in detail so you can decide as a team if sedation is a good choice and what kind of sedation is best. There are three major types of sedation used in dentistry: inhalation, oral and general anesthesia. Each of them have different benefits, and no one is “better” than the other.

Narrowing Down Your Dental Sedation Choices

Inhalation sedation is the most popular, and with a nickname like “laughing gas,” it’s no wonder why. Nitrous oxide is a gas that your child breathes in right before a procedure, and they’re awake throughout—although they will feel relaxed (and will probably be in a great mood).

Oral sedation may come in the form of anti-anxiety oral medication, and your child will take it before the procedure. Often touted as “sleep dentistry,” none of these sedation options include actually “being out” or asleep. This helps ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

Dental sedation can be a great part of your child’s pain management, particularly during long or stressful procedures. Typically your child will have no memory of the treatment and will go home with happy memories. Have questions? Your Kids Dental experts are happy to discuss the options, pros and cons in detail with you.