Exam and Dental Cleaning

“Mom, what’s going to happen at the dentist?” “Dad, is it going to hurt?” It’s probably been awhile since you’ve had a pediatric exam and dental cleaning yourself. No matter what your experience, the times (and technology), they are a’changing. It’s second nature for your little one to worry about any exam—but this is one they’re sure to ace. Kids Dental is the top pediatric dental office in Centralia, WA, and we guarantee a fun (yes, really!) pediatric exam that’s totally pain-free. With a staff that loves kids, each of our pros work with your child and you to take the wariness out of a cleaning.  From toddlers with their first teeth to pre-college seniors, we make all things dental a breeze.

With special training in working with pediatric patients, it takes plenty of compassion to work with growing teeth and mouths. From your child’s first visit, they have the opportunity to look at all the tools, ask question and demystify the process. That buzzing sound suddenly isn’t so stressful when your kid knows it’s about as harmless as a toothbrush—and comes with a delectable fluoride flavor of their choice.

Everyone Gets an A+ in Dental Cleaning

Wondering when to schedule your child’s first tooth exam? Right after his or her first tooth erupts, and no later than their first birthday, is what’s recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Afterward, every six months is a good timeline to stick to. For most pediatric patients, an exam consists of a teeth cleaning (if they’re old enough), X-rays and a fluoride treatment. Dentists will carefully check teeth for any decay, take a look at the bite, and examine the gums and jaw. During your child’s first visits, parents are more than welcome to join, hold hands and help ease the process. After all, it’s also about building relationships for future dental visits.

Throughout your child’s pediatric dental visits, the Kids Dental staff will keep an eye on new tooth eruptions and how the jaw is developing. Good oral hygiene will be taught and practiced, from brushing to flossing, depending on your child’s age. Any habits like thumb sucking will be discussed, and comfort practices like having a bottle in bed may also be addressed. Your child’s dentist will discuss with you treatment options (such as sealants), developmental milestones/teething and good nutrition choices for oral health.

Consider your Kids Dental team part of the family—and a key player when it comes to your child’s oral health.