Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a world apart from the trips to the dentist you’ve become accustomed to as an adult. Remember when the dentist was 100 percent pain-free? As a kid, going to the dentist should be fun. It’s a day off, where promises of ice cream or another enticement as a reward for no cavities and friendly dentists and hygienists make the visit even better. You used to wonder why grownups complained about going to the dentist at all—it was a trip you looked forward to!

At Kids Dental, we ensure those pediatric dentistry happy memories are continued for your children. Serving Centralia, WA, each member of our team is dedicated to helping your child build a foundation of great oral hygiene for a lifetime. Fluoride treatments, exams and dental cleanings, dental sedation, digital X-rays, emergencies and traumas are our specialty. However, where we really set the bar high is building relationships with our patients. Your pediatric dentist should be an integral part of your child’s overall well-being from the toddler years through the angst-filled teen years.

The Right Pediatric Dentistry Team for Your Family

When choosing the right pediatric dentist for your child, you need to ensure that continuing education and the latest technology are part of the dentist’s priorities. Kids Dental’s team of professionals engage in ongoing education to stay up to date on the latest techniques. State of the art equipment is the norm, so you can be sure your child is benefiting from the best, safest and most comfortable procedures. Of course, a love of kids of all ages is also crucial. Every member on the Kids Dental staff genuinely cares about our patients.

Pediatric dentistry, when done right, sets the stage for a lifetime of oral hygiene. When your child enjoys going to the dentist, and your dental team has what it takes to make a lasting impression (and not just for those dental impressions), you’re helping your child prepare for decades of 100-watt smiles.